Bossy Woman


 1. a woman who goes after what she wants in life, unapologetically and creates her own reality. She empowers herself and everyone around her to be the best version of themselves and live up to their full potential.

2. she is the Boss and is not afraid to show it. 


Founded by Audane Leger, Bossy Woman was created to provide inspiration, resources, and mentorship to ambitious female millennials who want to ditch their 9-5 and create the online business of their dreams. Bossy Woman’s mission is to provide real value, strategies and tools to those looking to live an extraordinary life.


Hey, I’m Audane!

I help aspiring female online biz owners ditch their 9-5 and tap into their potential so that they can create a profitable business to create a life of freedom and fulfillment. 

I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to make their dreams their reality.

I created Bossy Woman after finding success in growing my fashion blog, and wanting to share my knowledge to other bloggers of how to successfully build an audience. After helping bloggers from all over the world to increase their followings and gain the knowledge to fully own their power online, I realized how passionate I was about not only helping women grow their audiences, but to create their own online business empires.

What started as a platform to help bloggers grow their audience, has now evolved into a hub for aspiring online business owners to get the tools inspiration and strategies to create the business and life of their dreams. I regularly cover topics such as how to:

Cultivate the mindset needed to succeed in your business

Massively grow your social media audience and following

 Create an irresistible brand that you are proud share with the world

Learn how to create a profitable online business to live out your purpose

If you are looking for more support in growing your online empire, you can find details of my exclusive 1:1 business coaching program HERE.

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