How to Create an Insanely Profitable Blog and Biz

When I began my own blog to biz journey, I was so overwhelmed with all of the information out there on the internet, all promoting the “right way” to build an online business. While it is super inspiring to see how other people created success for themselves, it is also so easy to think to yourself that you must do things the exact way that other people are doing it so that you can replicate their success.

Now that I am the other side of the hectic-ness of trying to figure out the best way to build my business, I can reveal to you that there in fact is no right way to do it. I have heard some amazing stories from brilliant people of how they found success and no one’s looks exactly the same. Nonetheless, there are a few key aspects that are consistent across the board that people have done to gain success and that I implement in my business!

The funny thing is, the key steps sound so simple when you break it down, but the learning curve of getting there is what can be so challenging.

Here are the top three aspects of creating an insanely profitable blog and biz:

Be Unapologetically Authentic

Showing up as yourself on online sounds like it would be easy, but when you have the eyes of hundreds, thousands, or more people watching your every move, it can be scary as hell! No one wants to look or sound dumb online, so if you have never exposed yourself before in this way, literally ALL of the fears rear their ugly head and try to knock you off your feet ( which is why I go on so much about mindset!). I have to tell you that these fears are complete crap and part of the entrepreneurial journey is stepping WAYYY outside your comfort zone and doing things you have never done before. Really giving yourself permission to show up in your blog posts, videos and social media, as unapologetically and authentically you as you can possibly be is one of the keys to success. Let people see you and fall in love with you so that they will then later be receptive to any offers that you have down the line. Also you naturally set yourself apart in the market because no one can copy who you are and if they try it won’t work – own who you are and just work it!

Show Up Everyday

This cannot be emphasized enough! People can’t know who you are if you don’t show up enough. Showing up in some way shape or form every single day is so important so that you can become visible and people get a chance to get to know you. Sometimes it may feel like you are over doing your message or over promoting but not every single person is going to see every message you put out there. Most people will miss a lot of it so covering all your bases and consistently showing up everyday will set you up for some major success.

Create Crazy Amount of Value

In addition to being authentic and showing up, you need to back these things up with some substance and value! Like crazy amounts of value! Let your audience be able to have some takeaways that they can implement in their lives or businesses right away from consuming your content or at least leave them feeling inspired or get them thinking. Giving your audience great value will open the space for them to be interested in your paid offers where you can serve them in an even greater way! Always ask yourself before posting something “how will this inspire or help people?” If you don’t have an immediate answer, go back to your content and tweak it until the amazing value is there.



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    This is great advice “Always ask yourself before posting something “how will this inspire or help people?”” I just started a blog for an internet marketing class and I was a bit nervous to just put myself out there. Please check it out and share if there is anything I am doing wrong. I use your advice when selecting my shares all the time. I ask myself will this help. Thanks for a great post – new blogger

    1. Reply

      so glad this was helpful! xo

    • Laura
    • July 17, 2017

    Love the ‘be unapologetically authentic’ bit! I think that’s super important, especially as this is such a saturated market nowadays. Being yourself and finding your voice is what will make you stand out. Thanks for sharing!

    Laura | Highlighted anchor text here

    1. Reply

      Exactly! Thanks for your comment! xo

  2. Reply

    Great post! This is really what it boils down to, and I think you summed it up nicely!

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      Thanks so much! xo

  3. Reply

    Great tips, I like the one about giving value to your readers

    1. Reply

      thank you! xo

    • Zoe
    • July 18, 2017

    This was great! And you hit the nail on the head. It’s terrifying starting out – I’m at that point and every time I post something on instagram I worry about how I’m coming across etc, but it’s reassuring to know that it’s so important to just be me! I’ll also start asking myself that question about how my content will inspire and help people – that’s a great question to frame everything that you produce x

    1. Reply

      So glad this helped you!! xo

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