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The Bossy Woman Tribe is for the ambitious female millennial who wants to create her own online empire and live out her purpose. What makes it unique to other online business member sites out there is the emphasis on mindset.

One of the most important aspects of running a successful online business is mindset. It gives you the foundation for everything you do and has the ability to make or break you.

By Joining the Bossy Woman Tribe, you will join a group of amazing women who are dedicated to cultivating the mindset required to do amazing work. Living the life of your dreams takes constant work, effort and belief in yourself. With the Bossy Woman Tribe, you will be among a special group who are not afraid to go after their dreams and live life on their terms.

What Will You Receive By Joining The Bossy Woman Tribe?

You will learn how to create and take your online business to the next level by cultivating a success mindset, mastering growing your audience, marketing strategies, branding and more! By signing up, you will receive:

-Quotes, links to guided meditations and mindset hacks for success

-Exclusive monthly masterclasses and workbooks on various subjects related to running a successful online business, including skyrocketing your audience, creating an irresistible brand, building your email list and more!

– Recommended list of podcast episodes and books each month that will inspire and educate

-Access to a members only Facebook Group where the Bossy Woman Tribe will be able to ask questions, learn from each other and build a community of women who are complete bosses

-And so much more!

Who Should Join The Bossy Woman Tribe?

Female millennials looking to cultivate the right mindset for success and acquire the resources to grow their audiences online, build an amazing brand to finally quit their 9-5 and life life on their terms.

How Much is the Bossy Woman Tribe?

The Bossy Woman Tribe is only $19.99 per Month!

In order to make the Bossy Woman Tribe as accessible as possible, we have priced it at an extremely reasonable price so you don’t have to think twice about joining. The amount of value that will be provided far outweighs this cost and will be one of most important investments you will make in your life and business! (This price is for founding members and will be going up after the launch!)

This monthly membership is currently in development so sign up below to be the first to know when it launches this Fall!