The Truth About Gaining a Social Media Following as a Blogger

These days, everyone seems to want to hack social media and gain a massive following in a very short amount of time. While this can happen on rare occasions, for most people, the truth of the matter is that you have to play the long game. Most of the biggest accounts with millions of followers have been growing for years and putting in the work to appeal to their audience. These people are passionate about what they do and have become great at it through trial and error.

While there are so many ways to improve your efforts and grow quickly, it is so important to be patient with social media. The slow growth is actually a good thing because after having blogged for over three years now, I can 100% tell you that you develop your strategy as time goes on and it only gets better and better. As you become a better blogger, your audience grows with you. It pays to develop yourself as a blogger so that when your audience does grow to a sizable amount, you are able to show up the best version of yourself because you took the time out to become great. So the main truth about growing your audience I want to get across is that the slow climb is worth the wait!

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    So true. As a fairly new blogger I remember reading from successful bloggers about “things they wish they knew” before getting started and patience is key. I’m patient but also in some ways surprised to get more followers/interest in my content faster than I thought (which is a good thing). I’m just trying to learn as I go and enjoy the ride. Nice post.

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      Thanks for your comment and best of luck with your new blog! xo

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