2 Simple Steps to Create a Beautiful Instagram Feed

The most important part of having an amazing Instagram strategy is to create a beautiful Instagram feed. A lot of advice out there recommends having a specific theme, which I believe is true, but the word theme can confuse a lot of people. This does not mean that all of your photos need to have the exact same color scheme or that you need to have your photos be taken in the same location every time. While you certainly can do this and have a beautiful feed, it is not necessary.

1.Have a consistent element to your photos:

A beautiful theme can actually just be that all of your photos are edited the same way, so that the photos are mostly bright and light or maybe have the same filter used. The word “theme” is a lot more fluid than people realize and the most important factor is that all photos look really nice and cohesive together. Depending on your niche, you also don’t necessarily need a fancy camera. If you have great lighting and edit your photos nicely, your feed will still look gorgeous. If you are just starting out, this should be enough to get started and then when you have gained some traction, you can upgrade your equipment later. As long as there is a consistent element to your photos to bring them all together, you are golden!

2. Create a dummy account to test the look of your feed:

A great tip I have is to create a dummy account for your Instagram feed that is private and has a totally different name to your main account, then use it to recreate your feed and see how photos look there before posting them. This way you can be sure the photo you want to post, goes in line with the rest of your feed! This is a quick and free way to plan out your feed without having to pay for one of those premium tools out there which also help people plan their feeds. Hopefully with these tips, you can go one step closer to having a beautiful Instagram feed that converts visitors into fans!

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