Top 3 tips to ditch overwhelm and get to CEO status FAST in your business

One of the hardest things I went through in the very early stages of starting my online business was finding a way to not get overwhelmed easily with everything that had to get done. It is so easy to want to do ALL OF THE THINGS because you want to create massive success and catch up with people in the industry who are doing amazing things. I used to download so many freebies and free trainings and try to implement so many things in my business that it was literally insane! After I went through a period of feeling super burned out, I knew there had to be a better way and I was not acting like the CEO of my business like I wanted to be. Here are my top three tips to ditch overwhelm and get to CEO status fast in your business:

1. Have a plan for the month and week of key things you want to accomplish

I have found that outlining a few key goals of things you want to accomplish for the month helps tremendously to stay on track with business activities. Then breaking things down by week so that you don’t get too overwhelmed is the best way to make sure that you are taking actions that need to get done to accomplish your main goals for the month. Not going to far into the future in the beginning of starting your business is a good idea, because things and ideas are flowing so much that you want to stay flexible with your planning. Your plan should then also be broken down even further by day, which takes my to my next tip….

2. Pick just 1-3 top things to do per day and focus on one activity at a time until completion

Depending on whether or not you are full – time in your business will determine how many key activities you want to put on your check list for the day, but either way be realistic with yourself with timing. Focus on activities that are integral to your business and directly lead to results – so that means no tinkering with the aesthetic and layout of things trying to make them “perfect.” Really ensure that any tedious tasks you have are in fact really necessary and if they are, put them on a list of tasks that you eventually want to pass on to your future VA. This is how a CEO would think and you always want to be checking in with yourself throughout the day to ensure that you are taking actions that a leader of a successful business would take. It is super easy to slip back into the mindset of a hustling employee when you are executing your business activities so rather than letting yourself be consumed, take a step back to look at the bigger picture and get into the mind frame of a thriving CEO.

3. Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t happen in your perfect timing

I have found that pretty much 9 times out of 10 tasks and activities end up taking waaaaayy longer than expected. It is so important to have patience with yourself and the process of building an online business. I always add a pretty generous buffer of time in between activities that I plan to do for the day so that I don’t get disappointed for not getting everything I want done. If things still don’t get done in the time frame I want, I simply shift my schedule and move tasks to the following day or week. The most essential part of moving into CEO status in your business is to continuously be making progress towards your goals and not getting stuck somewhere in the process for too long. Remind yourself that small steps add up to big results overtime so always keep moving and don’t compare your path to the journey of others. Becoming better than who you were the day, week or month before is what really matters and is the only benchmark you need to pay attention too!

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