Top Blogging Resources To Blog as a Business

Gone are the days where all you need to run a successful blog is just a blogging platform. In today’s online landscape, there are so many different tools and resources that exist that make it easier than ever to set yourself up for success in blogging. If you truly want to run your blog as a business, here are some Bossy Woman approved recommendations:

Hosting and Domains

SiteGround: I use this for Bossy Woman and so far have been loving the service! It is not as massive as the other hosting companies out there which means better customer service.

BlueHost: This is a giant hosting provider but is one that I have heard is also very good especially for those starting out since they have some super cheap deals.

Word Press Plugins

Yoast: This is essential for good SEO and is so easy to use to make sure all content you post is optimized for search engines

Contact 7: This is just a nifty form to use so that people can easily contact you through a form on your site and looks very official!

Email Marketing

MailChimp: This is what I have been using so far for email marketing and have been very happy with it. The service is free for up to 2,000 subscribers which is great for when you are first starting. They also have other affordable plans when you are ready to upgrade.

Social Media

Board Booster: I use this tool to schedule my Pinterest pins and I love it! It makes it so easy to schedule pins in advance and free up your time during the week to focus on other tasks.

Iconosquare: I am actually obsessed with this tool and is the number one social media tool I recommend for growing your Instagram. All of the stats are amazing and you can track your growth and top posts to make sure you are on track and optimizing your feed. Although it is a paid tool, this one’s a must.

Buffer: A great tool to schedule tweets out throughout the day at optimized times especially if you manage multiple accounts. And it’s free!

Facebook Groups

Online Business BFFs: Out of all the FB groups out there on social media and blogging, this one is definitely my favorite and has the most active users. If you have a question about anything blog related, people are super happy to help out.

Other Blogging Resources

Canva: The best tool to create beautiful images for informational blog posts, or pins, etc. It’s like a drag and drop photoshop and is just awesome.

Boss Blogger Monetization Guide: Get a Blueprint for monetizing your blog without a massive following to live your dream life!

    Photo: Gabriel Beaudry

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