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Module 1 - Enhance Your Self Image and Worthiness

The first step to living an empowered life is to identify the ways that you have been holding your self back and playing small in life. This workbook will address your current level of self worth and your self image and shift them so you transform into a vibrant and confident woman!

Module 2 - Becoming Your Most Authentic Self

Feeling comfortable in your own skin and finding confidence to be who you truly are is what this module will tackle. You will learn how to accept and integrate parts of yourself that are "imperfect" and be able to show up in your life your most authentic and radiant self!

Module 3 - Daily Mindset Routine

You will learn daily routines that you can adopt into your lifestyle so you can reinforce your new level of confidence and self image every single day. These will be simple exercises that you will enjoy doing and will lead you to stepping into your most empowered self every single day!

Bonus Module

A special bonus module all about goal/intention setting is included in this course!

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