Work With Me

It is time to bring it.

And actually show up in your life as the person you were MEANT to be

We need to work together if you are...

- Thinking of starting an online business, but you aren't fully confident in putting yourself out there, but KNOW you need to go for it

- You see girlbosses everywhere creating great success for themselves and feel in your heart that this is something that you can achieve

-You are sick of your 9-5 and know you are made for so much more and want to impact others with your message that you want to shout from the rooftops...

I want you to know that you are fully capable and all you have to do is step into your power

How would you feel if you could finally:

- Create an online business, which you LIVE for, and start living life on your terms

- Create your dream lifestyle where you are not confined to someone else's schedule and do whatever you want, whenever you want

- Be fully in charge of how much money you make, and make tonssss

- Impact the world by expressing your purpose to its full extend and building your online empire

I help ambitious women who want to break free from their 9-5 and tap into their full potential to start an online business and create a life of freedom and fulfillment

 I have been helping clients break milestones within one DAY of working with me and creating concrete plans to create an online business that makes them feel completely fulfilled and free. 

 After spending years working the typical corporate 9-5 job, working my way up the ladder, I knew it was time to not give a crap about what society tells me I should do and go after what I really wanted out of life.I always had a nagging feeling in me that I was not supposed to be in the corporate structure, but I didn't know exactly what that was.

I hated not being able to take a vacation when I wanted, having a ceiling in how much I could earn and being uninspired by my work. I knew I needed to start planning my escape!


The turning point for me was when I decided to hire a business and mindset coach once I realized that I was done wasting my time and energy and was ready to ensure my success! Settling or failing was absolutely not an option for me.  I spent months flailing around in my business trying to figure everything out on my own and I was OVER IT. Since then, the shifts that occurred in my life and business are so dramatic that I don't even recognize my self from before working with my coach! It's pretty wild what having someone who has been there to show you the way can dramatically change your world.

Today I can truly say that I am living my truth, my purpose, and my joy. I put in the work and didn't stop until I made it work because I decided that it would work.


If you want to live your purpose and create a life you were meant to live, we should work together.

Living your dream life doesn't have to be a dream. You can make it your reality and it is up to you to decide. xo

What people are saying:

Tonya Vanderhart

Audane is an ambitious leader with a heart of gold. She truly cares about her clients and will go above and beyond to ensure they get to the next level. She has done an amazing job at conditioning her own Mindset for Success and knows how to empower her clients to believe in themselves to a whole new level. She has done an incredible job at building her own profitable business and is very passionate about helping others do the same! She is ambitious, self-motivated and determined to make an impact in her clients lives. If you get the opportunity to work with Audane, I highly recommend you JUMP ON IT!

Tonya Vanderhart Vibrant Ambition
Reagan Byrne

Audane’s coaching advice was invaluable. We connected immediately! I really loved the way she helped me outline my goals then developed a strategy to help me stay on track! She has years of experience in so many relatable fields. Audane helped me gain 100 new Instagram followers in just one week! One week!! Her Instagram strategy really works. I would absolutely work with her again and I highly recommend working with Audane!

Reagan Byrne The Modern Adventurist

Some of my other credentials include:

  • A bachelors degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Babson College ( The #1 School for Entrepreneurship in the World)

  • A Masters Degree, (with honors) in Marketing Management from Westminster Business School in London

  • 5 Years in corporate digital marketing specializing in web analytics working for the top multimillion dollar retail companies in the world

  • Worked internationally, as consultant to global retail giants in the web analytics space

Are You Ready To:

  • Attract success and wealth into your life more than your wildest dreams?

  • Make money while you sleep while you build your own online empire?

  • Create a brand that is drool worthy and attract raving fans like a magnet?

  • Create the online business of your dreams and live out your purpose?

By Working With Me, We Will Cover:

  • Mindset

    -Cultivate a solid mindset foundation for success + wealth to flow into your life

    The Perfect Website

    -Create a stunning website that will attract your tribe 

    Picking a Profitable Niche

    -Select the perfect niche that will intersect between your passions and profitability where you can make the biggest impact on your audience


    -Create branding and content to attract raving fans and incredible community

    Social Media

    -Implement the perfect social media strategy to get you to consistent growth so that you are always attracting your tribe


    -Create monetization strategies, including creating your very own digital product, offering services and or digital courses. You will learn how to book clients on autopilot and make money in your sleep!

    Email List Building

    -Create an exploding email list and learn how to effectively launch and pitch your digital products and/or services

    Systemizing and Optimizing

    -Learn how to systemize the process so that you are spending most of your time doing what you love and creating a lifestyle you are obsessed with!

If you are ready to design a life you love and live your purpose, here's how to get started:

Private Coaching Package

This package is for the girlboss who interested in creating her own online empire and wants to start coaching or creating incredible courses that utilize her unique gifts.

 3 Month private 1:1 Coaching Package Includes:

- 9 x 45 minute Skype Sessions

- Email support throughout the entire process Mon-Fri during office hours

Investment: $3,500



  • Access to all paid trainings ( Success + Money Mindset Bootcamp and Instagram Growth and Strategy Guide)

*Payment plans available upon request

My packages are exclusively reserved for ambitious women who are ready and willing to put in the work it takes to succeed.


If that is you, fill out the application form to be considered by CLICKING HERE!


If you are accepted, you will be contacted within 24 hours to book a free 30 minute Complimentary Strategy Call to see if you are the right fit!


Email with any questions you may have.